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he other day, I had the privilege of speaking on Money Savage, a podcast hosted by George Grombacher. I'm always looking for new ways to reach retirees before it's too late. It's my passion to offer optimal retirement planning information to our future retirees, and that's why I'm always looking to speak at summits, on webinars, and on podcasts just like this. This podcast was a lot of fun for me, but it can benefit you too because George probably asked a lot of questions you or your clients have had for years.

Here is a snapshot of what we talked about:

- Guaranteed income is the way out of a "just in case" retirement.

- Retirement education is still a study, and I've read the research for you!

- Assets are a relatively new factor for retirement planning.

- Today's solutions to tomorrow's problems.

- Don't do your own dental work in your garage...and don't do your own financial planning either. Seek out a professional.

- Savage Nation's "Difference Making Tip!" offered by Tom Hegna.

If you or someone you know is still misinformed or under-educated about retirement, reach out to book an event. You can also find my most valuable words, language, and stories 24/7 on  Tom Hegna on Demand. I'm giving presentations all over the world this year, and I hope I get a chance to reach each and every one of you because retirement planning is my passion.

See you on the road,

    -Tom Hegna

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